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Birds Eye ViewBible Brief: Esther 


Message of Esther

Story of redemption


Unknown, (Mordecai, Ezra, Nehemiah?)

Date Written c. 465 BC
Key Verse(s) Esther 2:15, 4:14, 6:13, 7:3
Audience God's chosen people
Theme(s) God's sovereignty and providence




"Now when the turn of Esther

came to go in to the king, she did not request

anything except what Hegai advised.

And Esther found favor in the eyes of all who saw her."

- Esther 2: 15




Esther Overview Audio

Author, Date, Purpose, Key Verses
Brief Summary, Connections, Practical Application


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Esther Locations



"For if you remain silent at this time,

relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews

from another place and you and your father’s house

will perish. And who knows

whether you have not attained royalty

for such a time as this?"

- Esther 4: 14



Esther Overview Video

Esther 1- 10


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Esther Overview Poster from The Bible Project

Poster Esther 



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Children's material: Esther


Esther 2:1 - 18 - Esther Becomes Queen  +   (Teacher's Guide)

Esther 2:19 - 3:15 - Mordecai and Haman  + (Teacher's Guide)

Esther 4: 1 - 17 - Esther Pleads for Her People  +  (Teacher's Guide)

Esther 5:1 - 14 - Haman's Anger at Mordecai  +   (Teacher's Guide)

Esther 6:1 - 14 - Mordecai is Honored + (Teacher's Guide)

Esther 7: 1 - 10 - Haman's Evil is Repaid  +  (Teacher's Guide)


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