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Birds Eye View

 Bible Brief: 2 Peter


Message of 2 Peter

Grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ



Date Written c. AD 65 - 68
Key Verse(s) 2 Peter 1:3-4, 1:21, 3:9, 3:18
Audience All Christians
Theme(s) Mature understanding of the truth to combat false teachers




2 Peter Overview Audio

Author, Date, Purpose, Key Verses
Brief Summary, Connections, Practical Application


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"For no prophecy was ever made

by an act of human will,

but men moved by the Holy Spirit

spoke from God."

- 2 Peter 1: 21




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2 Peter Overview Video

2 Peter 1- 3


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"The Lord is not slow about His promise,

as some count slowness,

but is patient toward you,

not wishing for any to perish

but for all to come to repentance."

- 2 Peter 3: 9




2 Peter Overview Poster from The Bible Project

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Additionally, you may use it as a coloring page for children.



Children's material: 2 Peter


2 Peter 2:1 - 22 - False Prophets + (Teacher's Guide

2 Peter 3:10 - 13 - As a Thief in the Night + (Teacher's Guide)



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