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Eternal Ministries was established in 1999 by Ron J. Bigalke as a missionary organization that is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of grace and systematically teaching the Word of God. The ministry functions primarily as the discipleship and evangelistic outreach of Ron J. Bigalke, and works through the advisory of Biblical Ministries Worldwide.  Eternal Ministries is a biblical resource for literature, teaching, training, Bible seminars, and conferences.

Our Program

Training centers are used for the purpose of recruiting and training of God-called missionaries.

Conferences and seminars communicating apologetics, biblical studies, Christian worldview, discipleship, personal evangelism, and pulpit exegesis are hosted by churches and schools throughout the nation.

Weekly Bible studies modeling pulpit exegesis (verse-by-verse systematic Bible teaching).

The literature ministry includes book publications, and ongoing contributions to various other publications, such as journal, magazine, newsletter, reference work (encyclopedia, handbook), and web articles. This ministry extends to audio/MP3 studies.

Correspondence, online, and traditional courses (and mentoring opportunities) are made available for either certification or leading to a degree.

Discipleship camps are held with the primary purpose being leadership development and training of men for planting churches.

The educational ministry provides resources for Christian classical homeschooling.

Future programs: (1) making disciples of Jesus Christ in the Georgia political arena (see brochure); and, (2) church planting and healthy local church reproduction in metro Atlanta, and extending throughout the southeast (especially coastal Georgia, extending to Hardeeville and Hilton Head, South Carolina) (see brochure).

Our Support

Eternal Ministries is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that is supported by the offerings of those who believe that the truth of God’s Word needs to be proclaimed loudly and strongly, even when doing so is not popular.  Moreover, during any given day, Eternal Ministries will receive requests from those who desire help to witness to a friend or family member who are ensnared in their thinking with a non-Christian worldview.  This ministry is grateful that God in His sovereign grace allows us the opportunity to help in both a discipleship and evangelistic capacity.

How to Help

Pray for support needs to be met on a consistent monthly basis and for God to provide churches, schools, and individuals that are interested in supporting this ministry.   Pray for God’s guidance and direction in this ministry.  Pray for good health, physical, and spiritual protection.  Request Dr. Bigalke to speak to your group or church.  Host a conference, seminar, or Bible study in your home, church, or school for Eternal Ministries.  As Eternal Ministries is dependent upon God's people, we thank those who pray on our behalf and partner with us financially, without which this ministry would not exist!

Unless otherwise indicated, articles are written by Dr. Ron J. Bigalke Jr. The articles on this website are free of charge (only if the source is indicated) Eternal Ministries, Inc.  If you wish to contribute to this nonprofit ministry, please make your tax-deductible donation to:

Eternal Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 244
Rincon, GA 31326-0244